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re: [IP] Early dawn phenomenon

<<From: ru t sti <email @ redacted>
I guess that seeing others' basal rates made me realize that my
night-time basal rates are a little skewed.  I need much, much more
insulin from bedtime until approximately 3 a.m.  Then I can lower my
basal rate by .5.  In fact, one unit of insulin after 2 a.m. can often
lower my blood sugar by as much as 60-70 points, when normally it will
only lower it about 30.

Am I strange?  Or does anyone else have this problem?>>

My 7 yr. old son Luke has night-basals much like yours - he needs more
insulin 11pm - 3am, then much lower basals (a correction at 3am is 
pretty hairy - I wait up then & test to make sure I didn't overdo it).
He does need a higher rate again from 6-9am, so kind of a mix of things
going on.

I think it's been said on the list before - your basals need to be
set for you, and if they work (maintaining stable b.g.), then it doesn't
matter how they compare to someone else's - YMMV.

Good luck to you.  Luke loves pumping, although we do have our periodic
trials and tribulations with site integrity.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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