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Re: [IP] words of wisdom for gastroparesis

My friend Amy,
    I hope and pray that you you do not have gastroparesis
Subject: [IP] words of wisdom for gastroparesis

> Started on Reglan, but had bad muscle spasms and lost control of facial
muscles and wound up
 in the ER the night I was released from the 2nd hopspital.

If Reglan works and you don't a reaction from it, you are very lucky. I for
one do not like it, had to many problems and so have many of my friends.

>Now I'm on erythryomycin wiht no benefits  yet and pain medicine. I've been
on liquids, no solid
food, some soft fodd but unfortunately probably less than 800 cals a day
because my stomach is hurting once
again. Saw the doc today and they said this will be ongoing. The
nutritionsit at uva suggested power drinks like ensure so i don't lose any
more weight. Anyone have any advice?

Erythromycin can a does work for some, but the big problem is how and the
form  you are taking it.  The best for me has been Via a IV, but it is a
pain to have to have IV line it but it is the only way I know that I will
get the right dose of drug in my body.  Because I have been so sick of late
I will be asking GI doctor to restart a picc-line IV of Erythromycin next
month if I do not get any better from the liquid form of Ery.. I'm taking,
Double the dose last week.

 > i'm hoping to go back on Monday and finish the last 3 weeks of hte
semester, but assuming all i swell. I'm
> amazed I'm doing ok on so few calories, but I'm still shaky from all this.
Any one have advice, wisdom, or
> what not. Not definite its gastro... but they're certain there is a
diabetes component..oh i'm 18 and
> had D 13 yrs, also bgs keep going low and are in surprisingly good control
through all of this.

Yes try ensure, real pop, eat small meals....ie: anything you can stand...
two bites....take a break ....then two more bites
you may need to up your basals a 0.1 or .2 and cut back on your bolus's  or
not bolus until you see your blood sugar go up 50 to a 100 points..... take
your time bring your self down from a high.....try to kept BS over 100
maybe as high as 140/160 because if it is gastro.... you can and will fall
very low and hard and fast. Amy if you like drop me anote or call me or let
me know where to call you.

                                           REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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