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[IP] Early dawn phenomenon

I guess that seeing others' basal rates made me realize that my
night-time basal rates are a little skewed.  I need much, much more
insulin from bedtime until approximately 3 a.m.  Then I can lower my
basal rate by .5.  In fact, one unit of insulin after 2 a.m. can often
lower my blood sugar by as much as 60-70 points, when normally it will
only lower it about 30.

Am I strange?  Or does anyone else have this problem?  It's difficult,
because I'm finding that I need quite a bit of insulin before bedtime (at
times I've taken an additional 3 units, and it doesn't even lower my
blood sugar).  It's tough, because I don't want to go low during the
night, but I have often awakened at 1:30 or 2 a.m. with blood sugars over
300 (and I never went that high on MDI).

Ruth (pumping for almost 4 months)
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