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Re: [IP] Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

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From: "CWD Mom" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 3:45 PM
Subject: [IP] Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

> I was wondering if anyone here is covered by BC/BS Healthcare Plan of

You did not say which plan you have, there are several that have different

I have the PPO. I have a co-pay on all scripts. They covered my Mini-Med
pump (80%) and they cover my supplies.
I gave up on them covering the test strips, they will cover them, but they
have a limit that is below my needs. This created all sorts of problems when
I exceeded their limit, the drugstore would charge the amount back to my
account and then put finance charges from the previous month etc. I even had
a stupid clerk refuse to sell me strips because I was exceeding BC's limit.
So I said "enough" and have none of my strip purchases submitted to BC.
I have had trouble with insulin also. BC wants all scripts to be written for
a 30 day supply.  I got placed on predisone, which increased my insulin
needs by 300%. This caused even more problems than the strips did.
A clerk at BC told me I could get around the problem by telling the druggest
to specify that the order was a 2 week supply. There seems to be a hole in
BC's software that will allow this to bypass the 30 day limit. The best
solution, however is simply to get you doctor to be "generious" in your
original script. -James
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