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[IP] Latest on Paradigm pump supply trades

Just got something in the mailbox today from Minimed regarding the
trade-in program.

And I quote - typos are mine:

Your Pump Supplies

Since the Paradigm Pump and the 508 Pump use different supplies, we will
be assisting you to order the correct mix of Paradigm and 508 supplies
as you get close to the data of your Paradigm exchange.

Beginning in April, when you call to order your supplies, your Medtronic
Minimed Customer Service Representative will identify you as a
participant in the Next Step Exchange Program and help you order the
appropriate number of 508 and Paradigm supplies to coincide with your
training date.  If you have a safety stock of 508 supplies, please use
them up before placing your next order, as we will not be accepting
returns on pump supplies related to your 508 pump after the time of your

Seems to indicate that there will not be any sort of 'trade' on supplies
- it isn't explicitly mentioned in the above.  Implicitly - it doesn't
say you can't trade in supplies *before* "the time of your exchange" -
but that's probably not what they intend.  Anybody know anything
different AND have it in writing?

Personally, I have a "safety stock" of 3 month's supplies - and I want
to keep it that way.  Doesn't look like I can make it happen.  ("What
ifs" go through my head... What if I lose my job?   What if I lose my
insurance?  What if I can't afford to buy pump supplies?  I don't
consider the pump a while-I'm-employed fringe benefit.)

Other interesting bits:

"The Paradigm Pump exchange process will begin in June and run through
December of 2002."

Looks like it could be a long wait for many!

"In fact, if at any time between now and the time you schedule your
training you decide the 508 Pump is a better choice for you, Medtronic
Minimed will extend your 508 Pump warranty an additional year."

That's interesting.

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