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[IP] words of wisdom for gastroparesis

I spent the last 8 days in hospital iwth nausea,
vomiting and tons of stomach pain. All tests,
including stomach emptying were normal, and symptoms
continued. Got transferred to Uva's hospital wheere
they diagnosed a "functional gi disorder" And possible
gastroparesis. Started on Reglan, but had bad muscle
spasms and lost control of facial muscles and wound up
in the ER the night I was released from the 2nd
hopspital. Now I'm on erythryomycin wiht no benefits
yet and pain medicine. I've been on liquids, no solid
food, some soft fodd but unfortunately probably less
than 800 cals a day because my stomach is hurting once
again. Saw the doc today and they said this will be
ongoing. The nutritionsit at uva suggested power
drinks like ensure so i don't lose any more weight.
Anyone have any advice? This has been a hellish 2
weeks and yesterday my parents finallly decided I
needed to come home from college to recover. As of now
i'm hoping to go back on Monday and finish the last 3
weeks of hte semester, but assuming all i swell. I'm
amazed I'm doing ok on so few calories, but I'm still
shaky from all this. Any one have advice, wisdom, or
what not. Not definite its gastro... but they're
certain there is a diabetes component..oh i'm 18 and
had D 13 yrs, also bgs keep going low and are in
surprisingly good control through all of this.
please email me at my school address
 email @ redacted


Amy Martin
RMWC Box 396

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