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RE: [IP] Help with ratios

Read with interest your problem.
How much is your total bolus amount in between the hours of 11 PM and 2 PM?

Are your nighttime basals set correctly?

Did you take any insulin prior to 11 PM and if so how many hours before?

I have found that at bedtime I don't do a full correction bolus because of
waking up in the morning w/lows.  I just take half of it and if I've eaten
something w/fat (ie: peanuts), then I will do a square wave to let it
deliver slowly rather than at one time.  Works better for me.

Perhaps you can try working it that way???

Another thing.  If 15 gr. carb works well for you, perhaps you should try
eating 3 gluc tablets (12 gr) instead of drinking o.j.  You also have to
take into consideration the fact that your liver will put out glucogan when
you are low and so lots of times when you're low, you will find that you go
over your mark on a rebound.

Kathy B.

At night 15C will raise me 100pts. and 1 unit will
drop me over 100pts. but this doesn't work during the
day. Do others find these variances in insulin and
food sensitivity.???(277 at 11pm, took 1.8 units, woke
up 2pm at 55, drank 1/3glass of oj, woke up 150). It's
enough to drive you crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
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