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Re: [IP] Re: testing / shooting in public

Holey cow!  I thought everyone licked the blood off!!!  LOL  I did it once 
in the doctor's office while the nurse was watching me, just out of habit, 
then realized what I was doing and got embarrassed about it, and the nurse 
say "oh, everyone does that!"  I guess she was wrong.

Anyway, just to put my two cents in re to leave or not to leave the table - 
I'm voting with those who say, if someone else doesn't like it, let them 
leave.  (Which is not my usual style, I'm one of those people who is 
normally overly concerned about how others are feeling, but not on this one 
- it's my life we're talking about!)


I must say the first time I saw another DMer lick the blood off I
>could NOT take a test for three days!!!  If it bothers *me* that much, I 
>imagine what it would do for someone whom is exposed to that in a
>restaurant - or anywhere. *I* don't think that's a good way to educate 
>what *we* have to go through. Definitely YMMV (~_^)

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