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Re: [IP] prescription coverage

In a message dated 4/12/02 3:04:06 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Our co-pay for the Novolin Lente is the same as the Humulin
 Lente.  However, the Novolog co-pay is triple what our Humolog co-pay
 was.  Can anyone give me an insight into why this is?  I called our
 insurance company and they said Novolog is a non-formulary drug because
 it's expensive.  Is Novolog really more expensive than Humalog? >>

You would have to ask your insurance company. My guess is that NovoLog is not 
on the formulary because it's new. Ask your pharmacist how much Humalog costs 
and how much Novolog costs to compare prices. If they're the same, squawk at 
your insurance company.

My co-pay for non-generic pharmaceuticals is more than my co-pay for generic. 
The theory is that, if I have to pay more, I'll get the (lower-cost) generic 
drugs. The fact that there is no generic insulin doesn't cross their little 
pea brains, however: my co-pay for insulin is the same as co-pay for a 
non-generic drug. <sigh>

Insurance companies don't always make sense. 

Jan and Elvis
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