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[IP] prescription coverage

Since there are many people on this list who have lots more experience
with prescription coverage than I do, I'm posting a question about my
co-pays for Novolog and Humalog.  My daughter Lauren will be pumping in
about a month.  Right now she is on Humalog, Humulin Regular and Humulin
Lente.  To get a better estimate of her ratios for pumping, we are
switching to Novolog and Novolin Lente now while she is still on
injections.  Our co-pay for the Novolin Lente is the same as the Humulin
Lente.  However, the Novolog co-pay is triple what our Humolog co-pay
was.  Can anyone give me an insight into why this is?  I called our
insurance company and they said Novolog is a non-formulary drug because
it's expensive.  Is Novolog really more expensive than Humalog?  Has
anyone else who switched to Novolog encountered this?

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