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[IP] "Private testing"

"I think it's hard for people to understand that we all have our rituals
around doing all our stuff and sometimes we need that to keep our sanity."

This is such a great statement!  We have always adopted the "do it anywhere" 
attitude with our son.  In the beginning, we all did it together as a family, 
to establish the routine and to encourage him.  Now, he does it anywhere, 
anytime, quick and easy, and off to other things.  When Jake was having 
control problems at one time, the endo asked if maybe he was not doing his 
testing and injections, at least I could honestly say, he does them, we see 
it everytime.
My mother is a type 2 and has been diagnosed for over 10yrs., starting out as 
diet controlled and progressing to two meds orally added to her routine.  She 
had a bad scare a couple of weeks ago, and has had to test more often and pay 
closer attention to her diabetes.  She "counselled" me, saying that Jake 
should be doing his testing, etc. in the bathroom, out of the way.  I 
proceeded to tell her, at his age,  what we have done for over 3 yrs is 
working and I am not rocking the boat on a teenager.  If someone has a 
problem with this, they can leave the room or turn their head.  She still 
doesn't agree, but after I added...what works for one person may not work for 
another, diabetes is a personal disease, and everyone has their own routine 
and reactions.  In other words, "to each his own", she has stopped the 
counselling. The funny thing is that my mother is a retired RN, and she has 
called me everyday to tell me her bloodsugars, and ask for advice or ideas 
regarding her highs and lows.  I am glad to help, and I make sure I tell her 
to follow what her doctor tells her, I remind her that she is type 2 and Jake 
is type 1 juvenile and there is a difference in the treatments, but through 
experience, we all gain knowledge of this disease and things that make it 
easier to handle.  Thanks to you all for the knowledge and counselling I have 
received from you...we appreciate it!

Judy, mom to Jake,13, pumping since 8/01
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