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Re: [IP] pump

In a message dated 4/12/02 11:06:04 AM Atlantic Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< When I was on shots, I would ask people if they minded. If they said yes, I
 would tell them to close their eyes until I was finished. I did this on
 airplanes, too.  It's MUCH easier for them to close their eyes than for ME
 to traipse off looking for a place to test and shoot!!!!

That's a good idea.. I didn't think to ask the people.  Thanks ! The only 
other problem with shots and being so inconvenient is when I go off on my day 
hiking trips, etc., then you have to carry the testing kit as well as all the 
needles, pen, etc.  Am I correct to assume with the insulin pump that you 
only have to worry about the test kit and the pump, which is already attached 
to you?

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