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[IP] animas beeps

I have had my animas for 1 1/2 years and no one besides my family has ever
noticed the beeps.  I have bolused in church, etc. and no one else has ever
noticed and it gives the same beep when bolusing as when it beeps to let you
know "low cartridge"  or "low battery".  Obviously if you don't "confirm" the
beep, after a certain amount of time the pump will get louder and begin to
make a "siren" noise but there is plenty of time to "confirm" the beep before
this happens.  You can see the "remaining insulin level" on the pump everytime
you use it so you can be "aware" of when the low cartridge will be going off
if that is a concern to you.
In my opinion, the people's watches who automatically "beep" on the quarter
hour, half hour and hour are way more annoying in church that the pump beep
would ever be - (but that's just my opinion).  I always just keep my pump in
my pocket and even though no one else has ever noticed the beep, I always hear
it since I know what it is (except one time in a real noisy McDonald's when it
was actually sirening and I thought it was police cars outside).  My kids and
their friends were all talking so loud I didn't realize the siren was coming
out of my pocket.
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