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[IP] injecting in public

While on MDI I always checked my BS and injected pretty much anywhere.  I am
44 years old and it has been good in that most of my teenage daughters'
friends have all learned a lot about this disease by going out to eat with me,
etc.  I took the whole girl scout troop to the Mega-Mall for the weekend, etc.
and it didn't bother any of them.  I find if I don't make a "big" deal out of
the pokes, checks, it doesn't seem to bother most anyone.  When in a group of
kids there usually seems to be someone silently "watching" and then they are
curious and it makes a teaching experience for them all.  I only volunteer
information when asked by them.
On another note - this past week in 10th grade biology the teacher passed
around a bottle of insulin and was trying to tell the kids what it was, what
it was used for, etc.  My daughter said something about knowing about it
because her mom used it.  The teacher was totally amazed - obviously he didn't
know anyone who "really" used the stuff.  So then the teacher started asking
her about diabetes, so she volunteered I had a pump, etc. and got to tell the
class all about it.  Some of the girls that are her friends but didn't know I
had diabetes kept saying "but your mom seems so NORMAL - how can she have
"something" connected to her all the time".  I thought that was great for them
to know that someone can have a disease like this but lead an "almost" normal
life.  I think many times they think we are totally disabled.
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