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Re: [IP] prime after sitting idle

"Michael English" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I never have primed after being disconnected. I disconnect frequently
> and when playing basketball I'm disconnected for sometimes 3 hours and
> I've never noticed any air in the tubing. Maybe I'm just lucky. I use
> the Quick Sets, maybe there is a difference between sets?
> Michael

> Carla & Joe Spader wrote:
> >Also remember that you will have to do a fixed prime after disconnecting
as the
> >set will "take up" quite a bit of air while sitting
> >unconnected.  Does anyone else do this I seen this on an previous

I don't think the type of set matters.  This may occur no matter what
disconnectable set you use.  It appears to happen due to the difference in
atmospheric pressure and pump pressure.  Sometimes the insulin recedes,
sometimes it comes out due to not turning the pump off.  Someone mentioned
the $ loss of insulin and how they couldn't afford to waste insulin by not
turning the pump off.  By my calculations, I would lose about $1.67 a year
in insulin for my shower time, not much for the convenience.   ;>)

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