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[IP] Re: Injecting in public

To the poster who asked -

When I was on MDI I never injected in public.  Yes, I always excused myself
to go to the ladies room - or anywhere there was privacy - to do it.  That
was not because of any sense of embarrassment; some individuals become
sickened at the sight of a needle, etc. (so did I before I was diagnosed!)
and I felt I had no right to upset anyone needlessly, especially in a
restaurant where they're trying to enjoy a meal.  Now that I'm on the pump,
I test at the table very discreetly (on my lap or hidden behind my purse)
because many folks are bothered by the sight of blood - even a small
amount.  All this being said, I still worry that I am upsetting someone by
testing in public, and sometimes do withdraw to a more private place.

It's no big deal.  It's just courtesy to your fellow man (or woman).

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