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Re: [IP] pump

>>>I'm just curious....how many of you do excuse yourself from the table to 
inject insulin? or how many of you did before you were on the pump?  I 
usually just injected right there under the table (in my thigh).  I've also 
injected right out on the lawn at fairs and picnics, family gatherings, etc.  
Am I the only person out there who doesn't "hide" when doing finger sticks or 
injections?   OK OK, I'm pumping now so I don't inject anymore unless I'm 
taking a pump break.

I usually excuse myself from the table if I'm with people who mind needles.  
But if it is just my husband or my family, then I will do the injection right 
at the table.  This is one reason why I would like to get a pump.
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