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[IP] Testing/Injecting in Public was : pump

I have never left a table to test or inject.  I usually can do both on my
leg under the table.  Most people I'm there with don't even notice.  As
someone else said, if someone has a problem with it then they can excuse
themselves.  My mother-in-law and father both have type 1 and both excuse
themselves from the table to do their stuff, even though they know I'm
staying there.  They are both still on injections.  My mother-in-law however
takes like a 1/2 hour to do all her stuff.  In these situations everyones
food gets cold waiting for her, or if we eat we have to wait for her to eat
when she gets back.  Through the meal she usually gets razed about how much
time she takes and why can't she be more like me and just do it at the

I think it's hard for people to understand that we all have our rituals
around doing all our stuff and sometimes we need that to keep our sanity.
Although sometimes I wish she was a little quicker.  She just traded her One
Touch Profile in for an InDuo.  So at least she's now shaved 40 secs. off.
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