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[IP] Grandma injects non-diabetic baby with insulin

This is a sad story that appeared in our newspaper this morning.  A 41 year 
old grandmother babysitting her 17 month old grandson injected him with 
insulin.  Neither she nor the baby had diabetes, but someone in the household 
did, thus syringes and insulin were about.  The incident happened a couple of 
months ago, the granny appeared in court yesterday.  There is no explanation 
for why she did this, and the doctors will be preparing a report on possible 
long-term adverse effects on the child.  He was rushed to hospital by his 
parents after he fell unconscious, but no further medical details about him 
were discussed in the story.   
     I thought that I would pass on this little report, as similar items have 
been discussed here previously.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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