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>I have been looking into islet cell transplants lately.
>I received info from several but the most recent was from Miami.  In
>reading their literature, they say that the high bg from D are not as
>harmful as the immunosuppressive drugs you would take afterwards.  They
>said that is why they like to do islets along with another organ(liver,
>kidney).  If you are going to be on immun. drugs anyway(for another organ
>transplant), then they like to do islets at the same time.  They also said
>that the longest a transplant has worked was 9 yrs.  I am just not sure
>that I want to do that if I am not going to get a lifetime's worth of good
>out of it.  I guess it just seems drastic.  After I read about the high bgs
>not being as damaging as the immuno. drugs, I decided I would let sleeping
>dogs lie.  Any other opinions out there?
I don't see that high bgs are not bad for one. show me the scientific proof
of this. Immunosuppression is very harmful. growing some of your stem cells
in culture might be the answer. Ingap is great on paper but just because it
works in rats doesn't mean it will help people. We made some in our lab and
i was tempted to take it but did not because of the risks of foreign protein
immunization from rats. spot
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