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[IP] dental problems

From: Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Long tooth story 8-)

Does anyone know any statistics on how diabetes effects teeth? My former
dentist, who is now retired,  assumed that  a high blood sugar would cause
teeth to decay faster because they are being supplied blood that has a
than normal blood glucose.

Has anyone noticed a change in their dental health since the onset of

As soon as I started getting teeth (as a toddler) they started to decay. I
remember how my parents took care of my teeth. So, ever since I was very
my teeth have been in a constant state of decay.

When I started getting my second teeth, we all thought they would be better
have a better chance of being good, but it didn't happen.
I do have some Scottish heritage - which I've heard partly explains it.

We basically were taught to brush twice and floss daily.  That regimen
seem to be enough.

I wasn't diagnosed with (type 1) diabetes until age 32, and by then I had
already had extensive dental work done. Since getting diabetes, my diet has
changed considerably in the way of the amount of sugar I consume, (much

My new dentist, thinks I'm continuously stuffing my face with chocolate and
cola. He doesn't believe me. I do have chocolate sometimes, and my A1C isn't
low as it should be but other than that, I'm healthy. I'd hate to give up
new dentist because he is a really excellent dentist as far as the quality
work he does. But I know I'm going to need about 10K worth of dental work
this year, and I'd like to find a way of avoiding this in years to come.

I don' know, I'm just wondering how much is my fault and how much is the
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Just cooperated on a book chapter about this very topic. It causes lots of
problems to the gums and teeth. I'll e-mail you a preprint of the chapter if
you want (respond off list). use a mechanical tooth brush, floss and care
for your gums. the favorite quotationof my father's is "Will you still love
me after my teeth fall out", sounds better in Latin.
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