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Re: [IP] Insurance Help

I went through the same thing in 1996.  Had COBRA and would not have been 
able to get a private policy with the same HMO that I had been a member of 
for 16 years.

Only reason I now have insurance is because "they" changed the rules 
without telling the appropriate people.   Took over 6 months for a regional 
marketing director to get me the policy....   Diabetes is on the list of 
medical review questions and would not have been covered even though there 
was no lapse in coverage...

An now there are other "cost saving" efforts that are making it more and 
more difficult to afford.  (20% co-pay for test strips and pump 
supplies)  And without a "nothing else will work" from the doctor Humalog 
would cost me $59.00 a bottle....   Glad I was taking a "pump vacation" 
when I heard about the increases.  Not having a job right now would have 
made the pump supply expenses too much to afford....

And before you get "righteously indignant" my latest A1C was better than I 
was ever able to get in over 6 years of using the pump...

At 04:41 PM 04/11/2002 , you wrote:
>My thoughts to anyone out there.This is in SD This has been a nightmare to
>worry about. Someway take the cobra so by law they have to take you after its
>done. No preexisting @ least in SouthDakota. We tried every insurance and they
>would not take me. I have to carry the only insurance that they put me on off
>cobra, which is out of our state because there is no SD companies that will
>take the (uninsurable any more) I am  now self employed after leaving a job .
>I will be stuck with this insurance unless I go back to work and that is not
>an option as of now.  I am just happy that I have some.

And my premiums only went up 20% starting in January.... Can't afford 
insurance and can afford even less to not have it.

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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