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[IP] Re: Alcohol

> <<the only thing we used alcohol swabs for is to wipe off the top of the 
> insulin bottle before drawing from it.  It could be that this rec. was 
> specifically because the air is so dry in Colorado -- but I've heard the 
> same 
> being told to maky parents from all over the country on the CWD parents 
> list>>

Lyndy, when Claire was dx we were also told to wipe the top of the insulin 
bottle and her skin before injections, and I think also her finger before a 
bg test.  Six weeks later we went to see a paeds. endo unit and they said 
this was definately NOT necessary.  Wiping the bottle is for sterilization 
and is not necessary as insulin will not grow bacteria, they ran tests and 
proved this.  And using alcohol on your skin, especially your fingers 4 times 
a day, will dry it out. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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