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[IP] Long tooth story 8-)

My gramps is a Type II and is a DDS. He also cautions me that the biggest
risk Diabetics face with their teeth is with erosion due to higher acid
levels in saliva which are attributed to high blood sugars (kind of a DKA
connection). Also, lower levels of saliva (dry mouth due to DKA) can lower
tooth protection and allow enamel to be eroded. People who are, in general,
more acidic than normal will have the same issues. He has never mentioned
that the higher glucose levels in blood directly effect tooth decay. That
does not quite sound right to me otherwise I think that would be a much more
known or common complication. In addition, I do not think the blood supply
does not really go into the tooth. The blood supply in the mouth stays in
the gums. So unless you are bleeding from your gums onto your teeth, I do
not see how the actual glucose in the blood affects tooth decay. Maybe
another list member has a more scientific answer. Gramps is on vacation.
When he gets back I will get a more definitive answer from him.
Amy B. Anderson
email @ redacted
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