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[IP] FRUSTRATEd with exercise

Sherry, I'm feeling the SAME way today.  Just finished up with a meeting 
that went 1/2 late (And I'm still on shots, so that makes quite a 
difference).  I could feel my bs dropping quickly, and we had to answer 
questions in front of the group during the last 15 minutes or so.  My brain 
just does not work right when I'm low, I felt like an idiot too... if that 
Also, I have noticed that if I haven't exercised for a week or longer, and 
then I do exercise, it tends to lower my bs for many days afterward.  Maybe 
your body is just adjusting, and if you keep up the exercise really 
regularly, you'll get back in the swing of things.
T1 for 16 years, dx'd 86, hoping to be pumping soon! (especially today)

"I hate feeling like I look
incompetent to my coworkers.  I hate that something as simple as a little
exercise causes so much trouble.
I'm feeling a tad sorry for my fat little self. I want to yell that it's 
not fair!"

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