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Re: [IP] Long tooth story 8-)

Sue, I don't know if this might apply to you, BUT my teeth have been really 
horrible for years.  It didn't start when I was little, like yours, but at 
the age of 19, after having had only one cavity in my life, I went to the 
dentist and he found 25 cavities!!!  It was the same (give or take) every 
six months after that.  I would always ask the dentists what could possibly 
be causing this and they acted like I should be brushing/flossing better or 
more or something (really there's only so much you can do).  Then recently I 
found out what the problem was:  turns out that I have celiac disease which 
runs with type I (ie, one of those pesky auto-immune disorders).  Celiac is 
an intolerance to wheat gluten that can cause malabsorption of various 
nutrients (among other things).  About one of every twenty type one 
diabetics has it and it is a disease that is famous for going undiagnosed 
for decades.  If you think this could be you, check out 
http://www.celiac.com.  Good luck!


ever since I was very small
>my teeth have been in a constant state of decay.

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