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Re: [IP] Question about Animas beeps

At 03:45 PM 4/10/2002 Molly Gilmore-Baldwin wrote:
 >When -- and how loudly -- does it beep? I'd have no problem with
 >beeps when I'm bolusing, but what about when insulin or batteries are
 >running low, for example? When I'm at the theater, will I seem to be
 >the sort of boor who forgets to switch her beeper/cell phone to
 >vibrate mode?

You can turn off beeps for boluses and it doesn't beep otherwise, except 
when there is a problem. It alarms when it's low on insulin (can be set by 
you at 20 units or 40 units)... but you can easily look at the screen and 
tell how much insulin is left (within 5 units) beforehand, to make sure 
you're not close to an alarm. It also beeps when it totally runs out of 
insulin, has an occlusion, or needs batteries. Not sure how you could 
predict occlusions or batteries, though.

The beeps aren't too loud to my ears, but YHMV (Your Hearing May Vary)... 
the siren, when you neglect the warning beeps, can be annoying (but it's 
meant to be that way, I suppose).

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