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Re: [IP] Re: venting (Lyndy's Belly Blues (for Katie))

> > 1. Don't wait for infections.
> >  2. Don't wait for insulin resorption to plummet
> >  3. Don't get scars (BEWARE of humungous TEFLON damage, thinner is
> >  4. Don't overuse sites
> >  5. Don't use alcohol
> >  6. Do take care of your belly (and other sites)
> >  7. Some people use antibacterial dressing (as a preventive measure)
Hi folks,

The beauty of this email exchange is what pump users have to share.  I
always thought "my" problems with those site infections, those unexplained
highs, those funny red bumps on my belly, etc., etc. were "my" weird things.
What I have learned from all of you is that you don't have to settle for
discomfort, frustration, highs or lows.  Someone has experienced what you
have experienced and has found a solution.  ASK!

I have had what I call "infusion set site problems" and have learned a bunch
of things here.  For 7 years (on the pump) I have rotated sites, but only on
my belly and stomach (above and below the waistline).  Now I have moved to
my thighs, hips, "love handles", etc. and I think my body is appreciative.
And I changed from one type of infusion set to another--they're not the

Now if I could only have "perfect" basals and boluses.  Or, is that "the
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