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[IP] Re: cat tests

I tested one of our cats once (she was only a few
months old), and just used the pad of the paw because I
wasn't sure where to test. :) The lancet (BD ultrafine
III) was on the lowest depth setting. She didn't even
flinch! If I were going to test her frequently and/or
long term, I'd probably use a different site. I checked
her after she was released from the hospital and some
routine bloodwork there showed elevated bgs (which had
resolved by the time she was released but I wanted to
be *sure*. LOL) It was funny because the vet started
explaining all about diabetes, etc, etc, and I politely
said, "Oh, I'm *very* familiar with diabetes - my
daughter has it." That led into a nice discussion about
diabetes and pumping (the vet seemed more knowledgeable
about diabetes than some people drs I've run into). :)
I remember her saying that a cat's bg is higher than a
human's, something like the normal range was up to 200,
but that stress, illness, etc, could very quickly raise
it to extremely high levels (such as >500). If you want
to know for sure, just call a local vet and ask what a
cat's normal bg level should be...it won't cost you
anything and they won't know who you are. :) If they
ask why you want to know, just be honest and tell them
you wanted to check your cat before you bring them in
and incur lots of expensive tests that may end up not
being necessary. No harm in doing that and I'm sure
they would understand. Vet trips can be VERY expensive
(and most of us are not Mr. Money Bags)!!! Then again,
you could always lie and say you're doing an
experiment. LOL ;) Either way, I hope your cat doesn't
have the big D and is just really fond of the
better-tasting water (maybe the novelty will wear off
soon). :) Btw, before my friend's dog was diagnosed, it
had lost a lot of weight and then ended up going into
DKA (leading to the dx).

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.3yrs,
pumping 2.3yrs, and 7 other blessings
~*~do-`da-ga-g`hv-i (until we meet again)~*~
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