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[IP] latest on flying

Just flew from Des Moines, Iowa, through Atlanta and then to Tampa; back from
Orlando to Atlanta and back to Des Moines.  Had my pump in my jeans pocket the
whole time.  Walked through all security with no questions - no beeps from
walking through the "security gates" anywhere. no questions on my carry on
which was full of supplies and syringes, etc.
Prior month flew from Des Moines to Phoenix and back again.  On the way down I
was one of the lucky ones for a "random" search at the gate.  They wanded me
and my pump "pocket" beeped.  Just showed the lady and said it was an insulin
pump - no problem.  Before they searched my bag on the "random" search I
warned her that I was diabetic and my bag was full of insulin, syringes, pump
accessories, etc. so the attendant told me to take the "medical" stuff out of
my bag so she would not hurt it.  I took it all out and set it aside, then she
went through everything ELSE with a fine tooth comb.  She then told ME to put
all the medical stuff back in my bag so she wouldn't hurt it.  (At that point
I was really laughing inside thinking that if I wanted to "sneak" something
through I should just put it in the big ziplock bags that I have all my
medical stuff in - she didn't even GLANCE at what was in them).  In Phoenix
they supposedly have the newest, latest, x-ray stuff on the security gates you
walk through - I didn't "beep" at all when I walked through them but the
attendant immediately ordered me to stop and she wanded me, took my shoes,
etc.  I said "why" because I had not beeped, she said they didn't beep
anymore, but through the x-ray they could see I had "something" in my pocket.
I showed her it was a insulin pump and she just said Okay!
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