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[IP] starting basal

I went for my pump training today and convinced them not to make me do the 
two days with saline, thank goodness, so now I'm all hooked up!  I am a 
little concerned about the starting basal level though.  They used a formula 
to figure it out that was based on my total daily insulin.  (I think it was: 
total daily x .75/2 all divided by 24.)  My problem with this is that it 
means that my starting basal rate is completely dependant on how much I eat 
on the day they get the daily total from, which makes no sense to me at all 
- since the basal should be independant of how much I eat and bolus.  I 
would've thought that it'd be based on how much Lantus I do.  Does anyone 
out there have a formula that is not based on total daily insulin?

type I since 4/14/93, pumping since 4/10/02

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