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My son's endo practice just added a new endo that was replacing one who left about 18 months ago. They introduced her last night at a support group meeting so I decided to go and meet her.  After she told about her background she ask for questions.  One parent asked about her experience with kids.  I asked about her experience with pumps.  There was only one other family there with a child on the pump and apparently things weren't going well for them.  Well this new endo didn't seem to be thrilled with the pump- she went on to say how often children went DNK on the pump.  How easy it came dislodged when kids rough housed etc. I sat with my mouth opened- the poor lady next to me who had a newly dx'd child asked me how often that happened to my son.  When I told her NEVER, she looked puzzled.  I told her the pump was the best thing that ever happened to us since my son's DX.

The new endo went on to tell about Lantus. She prefers to use this over the pump at least initially.  I have no experience with Lantus and I would appreciate feedback from other parents about it and how it compares to the pump.

One of my concerns with my son is that he won't use any other sites but his stomach.  He has been warned by the old endo to move his site around.  Any suggestions for a 15 year old with not a lot of body fat?

Sorry to ramble but I was so frustrated about this meeting.  I told the people around me to visit this web site and see all the people who were having wonderful experiences on the pump with children of all ages.  Thanks.
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