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[IP] What's the latest on flying?

The link on the pumpers site doesn't bring up anything about
this topic anymore.

Last time I flew I got hand searched at the gate
and when they saw my glucose meter, they told me
I needed a note from my doctor.  (But they'd let me slide this time)
Now I always heard that doctor's notes were not considered to be worth
anything, since they were easily forged.

Now obviosuly, the people working the gates are not
all that well trained, and often have trouble with english, so I dont believe 
everything they say.

(A few flights ago the guy at the xray booth was asking his supervisor
what to do about the insulin pump, and the supervisor told him
that he should hand check it.  Well, I showed it to him, and he had no idea 
what it was all about.  He stared at it for a minute and then he let me 

So what are the rules, and where is a source for them?


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