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Re: [IP] A couple of questions... A1C conversions


Someone taught me a while ago a pretty simple method to convert from BG
numbers to A1C

Remember that a A1c of 4 = bg of 60 mg/dl.

For each 1 full point increase in A1c, increase your bg by 30 mg/dl. For each
.1 (tenth of a point) increase in A1c, increase your bg by 3 mg/dl.

For example, if you had an A1c of 7.2%:

1). This is 3.2% bigger than an A1c of 4%.
2). An A1c of 4% gives you 60 mg/dl.
3). The 3% will give increase your bg by 90 mg/dl (3 x 30).
4). The additional .2% will further increase your bg by an additional 6 mg/dl
5). 60 mg/dl + 90 mg/dl + 6 mg/dl = a bg reading of 156 mg/dl.

To get moles/mm, divide by 18. 156 mg/dl = 8.67 moles/ml

Remember that there are different A1c tests, and each have their own way
of calculating the A1c, and each will have their own ranges of
acceptable and not acceptable values. A 5% on one test could be
equivalent to a 4.4% on another type of test.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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