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Re: [IP] movies with diabetics

Does any one remember the movie Species. This alien women was trying to 
get pregnant by a healthy male, she was about to mate with this one guy 
but soon noticed insulin bottles and needles in his bathroom, she 
immediately killed him and left to find a healthier male. That kind of 
ticked me off!



>I rememger an old movie about a couple who had lost their first baby and had
>become pregnant, however this movie took place in the future and you could
>only have one child.  The "baby police" were chasing them to try and abort
>the pregnancy.  The couple hid at a judge's house, the police found out that
>they were there and would not allow anyone to enter or leave.  Yes, the
>judge was diabetic and eventualy went to coma and died.... I was really
>ticked off about that.
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