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Re: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

> If you're lucky enough to find an insurance company that will give you
> insurance you will pay through the nose.

Depends on your specific condition. I believe someone with various problems
would have a hard time getting insurance, if at all. Age is obviously also a
factor (I would urge our "youngsters" on the list not to wait too long to
get insurance--get it while you are in good shape and not pushing
retirement:). In essence, every individual is a different case.

But I know from experience (done it twice) that a diabetic in reasonable
health with a good a1c (they put a lot of weight on that) can buy life
insurance--as much as you want, at a given rate per $100,000. You WILL have
to have a physical exam and blood drawn by a doctor of the insurance
company's choosing.

But I don't think all the people on this list should get the impression that
it can't be done or that it is ALWAYS prohibitively expensive. Not true.
Yes, my premiums are double a "normal" person, but it is still less than I
pay for auto insurance. It is worth it to protect my family.

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