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Re:[IP] FRUSTRATED with exercise

> The problem is that I am now running low all day!  But my levels
> were fine  when  I  wasn't  exercising much! This is one of those
> times when I hate being diabetic. I hate not being able to control
> myself. I hate having to worry and test all day. I hate being afraid
> I'm going to flake out at work. I hate feeling like I look
> incompetent to my coworkers.  I hate that something as simple as a
> little exercise causes so much trouble. I'm feeling a tad sorry for
> my fat little self. I want to yell that it's just not fair!

Exercise has a tendency to reduce insulin needs overall. If you see 
this side effect of good health, it's probably time to crank the 
basals down 0.1 for the affected part of the day.   :-)

Don't be bashful about tweaking basals to accomodate such activity, 
that's what pumps are for.

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