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Re: [IP] FRUSTRATED with exercise

Yes, Carol, last week was my regular appt., and he always says to call him
or his pump nurse but when I call,  I either do not hear from him and/or
finally hear from her 5 or 6 days later!  And that is no help to me.  That
is why I am setting up an appt with a new endo that will hopefully, be
easier to deal with as far as initiating pump therapy goes. Just the fact
that she is a woman may improve the communication between us, as well, since
I am at the end of  menopause but have taken no HRT because it effected me
so negatively. I started menopause at the age of 39 and am now 46 which may
not be enough time but according to the test that has been done, I am just
about over it.
       I have truly always liked and respected my endo, but it really
bothers me when I feel that he is listening to his nurse about ordering a
pump rather than listening to me, the patient. He has known me for 7 or 8
years and she has known me for 7 or 8 months. She is a pump user herself,
but I just don't like her calling the shots rather than me or him.  Does
that make sense?
     It bothered me a tremendous amount because this is very serious to me.
And I told him that when he gave me the info. on it last June.  The main
reason initially that I wanted to start pump therapy is so that I could feel
safe in moving to another town to finish the bachelor's program in nursing.
Since it would only be myself and my autistic child, I really need to lower
my chances of  having any hypos with him.  Plus, my ex-husband will try to
use the diabetes as a reason to not allow my child to move with me.  And
that is mainly so he can quit paying child support to me. And his wife would
be the one to end up raising Scottie while he lived with them.  And I am not
okay with that because he is my son and my responsibility.  The whole reason
I went back to school in midlife was so that I could be sure to always have
a good job no matter where we may need to move to get the correct services
for my child.
    And now that I have learned so much about the benefits of pump therapy,
I wish I had been on it for years already.  I have not been able to lose any
weight on MDI of Humalog plus my daily Lantus injection, but feel that my
insulin needs will be lowered with the pump and that will enable me to lose
the weight that is now causing problems with some of my joints!!  I'm too
young and need to be healthy for many more years and intend to be with the
help of a pump!
    Sorry I got so carried away, but thanks for  sharing with me that I am
not the only one going thru this weight and insulin battle!
    Talk to you later and please, keep me posted on how you are doing!

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> Hello, I'm also trying to lose weight and have had many lows also. I keep
> contact with my endo and he helps me with lowering my insulin . Have you
> contacted your doctor so he/she can help you?
>                                                Carol from Michigan
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