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Re: [IP] movies with diabetics

From: email @ redacted
>>>Speaking of Steel Magnolias, wasn't it just as bad.  Showing all the
horrible things that can happen to a diabetic, but it never showed a blood
sugar check or a shot.  Heidi >>>

Wasn't that movie made something like '79? If so, there weren't home blood
glucose monitoring systems then - if there were they were too expensive and
bulky to have or to own. My dr. had one of the first about then and it was
about half the size of a VCR, had to be plugged in, warmed up, and
instructions followed precisely. Timing was crucial and sticks were an
exhorbitant amount of $$. I believe the machine itself was about $400.  In
early '81/'82 was when I started testing and it was with the strips that I
could cut into thirds and compare to a color chart, saving $$ since
insurance did not cover any of it. (~_^)

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