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Re: [IP] Temporary disuse of pump?

Hi Cheri!

Yeah, for quite a while now (I'm significantly stretching the
brief/temporary concept).

How to?

1. Look at your basal rate.
2. Figure out how you can concoct something similar with shots.
3. Do it

Personaly, I did it like this:

1. "Hmm..."
2.     A. 7 units semilente ca. 11 pm
        B. Extra-Large bolus for breakfast (note: I use "regular" for
boluses, since I don't want to put "unleashed" into my engine)
        C. 7 units NPH ca. 12 noon
        D. don't expect any doctor to recommend doing this -- try to
convince her/him instead (since I know myself better than he/she does)
3. Yippie!

Another note: don't expect your HbA1C to plummet below 6 immediately (that
will probably take a couple years of persistence).

My reasons: 1. BSs weren't so hot with the pump, so: "why bother?" (pumping
for 17 years might cause some problems) 2. Starting a "save my belly"
foundation (for use when a closed loop arrives in a couple years).

Expectations: 1. Can't be worse 2. Might be better (True on both counts)

Doctor's perspective: supportive (wow, isn't that amazing?). If you want to
find some research on it, you'll find it. If you want research for another
point of view, you'll find that too. In fact, I'll bet you can find
research supporting any argument thinkable (well, maybe -- haha). Best
thing: figure out what works for YOU.

I think you idea of belly preservation is great. Perhaps you could use a
pump when you "need to" (sick days, etc.?), and otherwise become a luddite



Cheri Godwin schrieb (wrote):

> Hi:
> Has anyone out there ever temporarily gone off the pump, or considered
> doing it, for a brief amount of time?
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