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[IP] Temporary disuse of pump?


Has anyone out there ever temporarily gone off the pump, or considered
doing it, for a brief amount of time?

If so, what was your reason? What was your experience with BS control
during that time? Did it meet your expectations? What was your doctor's

I have been on a pump for about 2 1/2 years (and diabetic for 39 years)
and am thinking I would like to take about a month off from using the
pump (with my doctor's support) to allow my skin in the abdominal area
to heal (this never seems to totally happen for me).

After yet another infusion cannula "causing" a blood vessel break
resulting in horrendous black/blue splotches, I'd like to give this a
try and am wondering what others might have experienced....

Cheri Godwin
email @ redacted
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