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RE: [IP] FRUSTRATED with exercise

--- Sherry Compton <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I've been trying to lose some weight lately and the
> last week and a half I have been very frustrated!!
> I've been riding my exercise bike in the morning for
> 15-30 minutes (depending on how well the baby
> watches......

I've been going through the same problem.  Trying to lose weight and

I found out a long time ago, that when I first go back to exercising, I tend
to eat up the BS, but when I get used to it, my BS doesn't drop as much.  I
also found that if I suspend my pump while I'm exercising (because exercise
replaces the insulin I need) then I don't have the lows.  If my BS is normal
I just suspend and exercise.  If my BS is above normal, I bolus 1/2 of the
amount to cover and then suspend.  YYMV!!!

The good thing is that since I went on the pump, I don't have the 2am lows I
used to get every day I exercised.

Let me know how the weight is going, I'm on weight watchers but it is really
hard.  I do good for a few days, then have a low and eat all my points for
the next three days!!!!! <grin>

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