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Re:[IP] FRUSTRATED with exercise

The problem is that I am now running low all day!  But my levels were
fine  when  I  wasn't  exercising much! This is one of those times when
I hate being diabetic. I hate not being able to control myself. I hate
having to worry and test all day. I hate being afraid I'm going to flake
out at work. I hate feeling like I look incompetent to my coworkers.  I
hate that something as simple as a little exercise causes so much
trouble. I'm feeling a tad sorry for my fat little self. I want to yell
that it's just not fair!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who wants to lose some weight but is tired of the hypos
Sherry... I know what you mean!  I went through a period similar to
this.  I would force myself to exercise then get a low and end up eating
like a pig to fix the low.  I was defeating the purpose of exercising!
I really HATE to exercise, so it was very frustrating.  It takes time,
but the best thing I found was to keep good records of everything...
food, insulin, amt of exercise and keep adjusting until I found the
right mix.  Talk to your doctor too.  It helps to have advice from
someone else when you're sick and tired of it all.
I had a baby 4 weeks ago and want to drop 15 pounds to get back to my
pre-pregnancy weight, but I haven't felt like tackling that yet.  I
guess I should throw the ice cream out of the freezer for starters!  
Good luck... Heather

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