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[IP] prediabetes

Living in a community where the over 50 crowd out numbers the younger ones
results in seeing lots of folks getting that Type 2 diagnosis. Of about 500
people, know of 20 Type 2's, 5 who've been told their FBS's are a bit high
and are being followed for this, only 3 Type 1's.
For the Type 1's: one dx'd [diagnosed] at age 5 56 years ago who led a wild
life as a younger person,  basically has always taken only 1 shot of NPH a
day with R coverage for highs -does 2x or sometimes up to 4x daily glucose
monitoring , eats "with moderation", A1c's done intermittently and last one
was 8.7 [the best ever], and whose only complication is retinopathy in R eye
dx'd 12/01; a second dx'd at age 9 58 years ago who even as a kid has always
tried to follow a "meal plan", began self-glucose monitoring as soon as it
became available, had been on 2 injections a day since it was recommended,
then on MDI for the past 6 years, A1c's done from day test approved never
over 8, more like 6-7, has multitudinous complications; and Hubby dx'd at
age 41 25 years ago who is the only pumper and only one told "brittle" who
until pumping had major control problems so A1c's-after finally dumping dumb
general practitioner to link with endo-generally in high 7-mid 8 range, has
started some vascular complications.
Of the several people living here who are running higher than normal FBS's,
what gets there attention is that new term "prediabetes."  One guy in
particular thought, "No big deal" until Hubby told him the high FBS's could
be "prediabetes."  The guy sat up and took notice then, said, "You mean some
day I could need shots?" to which Hubby said," I couldn't tell you that," so
the guy called his doctor to see what he should do (think the doctor already
had talked about some dietary and exercise modifications, but the guy
ignored this first time around), then enrolled in a local education program,
now is taking daily 2 mile walks, eating healthier.  So think also this term
is out there to get folks attention since as has been said many times,
almost everyone says they know/knew someone with diabetes....in this guy's
case, a now deceased uncle.
We're also seeing that today many people being diagnosed with Type 2 are
being referred to education programs to address dietary needs, importance of
exercise, potential complications, and are starting self-glucose monitoring
immediately.  There's a definite chasm between those diagnosed more than 3
years ago and the newly diagnosed.  The "older" crew tend to self-monitor
glucose maybe once a week, newer crew do it a minimum of twice a day.  Older
crew tend to ignore dietary areas, newer crew are using carb counting.
Older crew poo-poo what the newer crew do in spite of newer crew providing
very good explanations.
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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