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[IP] prediabetes.

I saw this on WebMD this morning:
"the U.S. government has created a whole new condition for those at risk,
called "pre-diabetes." Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson
warns that nearly 16 million Americans may suffer from the condition that
sharply raises the risk for developing type 2 diabetes and increases the
risk of heart disease by 50%."

It then basically lists the conditions that the ADA is pushing that puts you
at risk for type II. I guess there is no more borderline diabetes.
Basically Tommy thompson, the governmaent and Medicare are all morons. tghe
catagory had to be created so Medicare could pay for testing, education and
weight reduction programs. If not all hte people in this catagory would be
consdred healthy and unable to obtain medicare benefits. Just a question
about how many tests they will have to undergo to get benefits spot
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