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[IP] Re: supplier for Ultra Strips in Michigan

>The lovely BC/BS is unable to help me get supplies from anywhere else. I 
>have spoke to 4 different people. I have also called Lifescan, they say 
>the strips are available, they don't know why Minimed doesn't have them? 
>Is there anyone out there who has the same Insurance and can help me find 
>a supplier? I'm at my wits end... Thanks Kim

I order my strips from Michigan Diabetes Supplies, 1-800-321-5290.   Last 
month the Ultra Strips were on back-order, but they had them within a 
couple days and shipped them right out to me.  They've told me to call and 
reorder before I get too low, just in case.  So, when I get down to the 
last 50-100 strips, I call and reorder.  They've been very good, and I 
really like getting my strips from them.  And, they know how to bill BC/BS 
of Michigan so that you get all your strips paid for (no more fighting for 
more than 200 strips per month.)

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