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[IP] Re:How to tell a 'true' Yankee....OT

On 4/6/02 7:28 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted> wrote:

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> Subject: [IP] Re: Re: insulin-pumpers-Yankees....
> James wrote:
> "...ask all you "Damnyankees" (it's one word down here)"
> To make sure everyone knows:
> A "Yankee" is someone who comes for a visit south of the Mason-Dixon line.
> A "Damnyankee" is someone who moves to live south of the Mason-Dixon line.
> From two "Damnyankees" and a special friend,

Northerner comes down to Georgia and tries to fit in so tight with the
community. He walks into the PO one day and buys a few stamps asking for
them in a 'southern' drawl. The old fellow behind the counter gives the man
his stamps and watches as the northerner folds them and puts them into his
pants pocket. The old man leans back in his chair and says "Up Nawth y'all
may be able to do that, but down heah they'll stick togethuh...."

Jenny Sutherland
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