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[IP] Re: pregnancy and questions

>my question is do any of you know about what time in pregnancy insulin 
requirements go up?  <

In any normal pregnancy, the hormones to maintain the pregnancy peak at 24 to 
26 weeks.  Cortisone is one of those hormones that is peaking at that time. 
These hormones will stay at peak level until delivery. This is a normal 
Women at risk for gestational diabetes would be tested at this time with a 
glucose tolerance test to rule out or diagnose gestational diabetes.

 Those with type 1 and type 2 will see a need for increasing doses of  
If using a pump, keep track of your before pregnancy basal rates because 
after delivery, when those pregnancy hormones are not needed, the insulin 
requirements will decrease dramatically.  Many women discover that basal 
rates in the first few weeks after delivery will be lower than before 
conception. If nursing, they may also continue to be less than before 

There is more detail about this, which I don't have at hand, but this 
basically answers the posted question. 

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