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Re: [IP] Pregancy and Questions

I'm a Type 2 diabetic.  I see my Regular OB every 2 weeks.  Right now my 
perinatologist only once a month.  I have just begun the paper work to get my 
pump and should be in the hospital in the next 2 weeks getting hooked up.  
Like you my Peri is about an hour away so is my Endo doc.  This pregnancy has 
been the roughest of them all. I have 2 young boys.  Anywho my question is do 
any of you know about what time in pregnancy insulin requirements go up?  
I've just reached my 20 weeks and i'm excited because now it's all down hill 
lol.  19 more to go Yeah me!!!!!!!!!.  Also those of you who have been on 
bedrest were you on it because of diabetes complications and if so what type? 
 I have always been on for low fluid a sign of pre-eclampsia in my case.

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