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Re: [IP] next generation pumping

Thomas Emge <email @ redacted> wrote:

> you sound surprisingly thrilled about that.
> Do you have any literature or reports that can quantify the words
> 'excellent' and 'successful'?

There've been no publications as yet.  My information comes from personal
communication with Bruce Bode.  Five brittle diabetics with poor control
were selected for the trial.  At first, they were required to check the
sensor, do a finger stick, and program the bolus manually.  After six weeks,
they were allowed to let the system work.

All five very quickly attained BG levels that were essentially normal for
non-diabetics regardless of diet, exercise, etc.  Last I heard there have
been no reports of adverse events.

> Is that peritoneum solution targeting the same area in the body as
> Disetronic is with their 'Diaport' solution?

I think so, but I'm to too familiar with the Diaport.  Dripping the insulin
into the peritoneum causes very rapid and predictable absorption.

> How do sensor and pump communicate? Radio signals?

The sensor is fed through a vein to placement in the superior vena cava.
Very fine wires are also fed to the site of the pump, and connected.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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